Functional Fluency is the art and skill of interpersonal effectiveness. It is a model for understanding how people behave, and a practical framework that helps you to 'respond' more instead of ‘reacting’. The model illustrates a range of fundamental social behaviors via nine modes of behaviour. Both effective and less effective.

It provides a framework for learning how to build positive relationships and gives access to an understanding of how you can develop your emotional literacy, which can lead to improvements in self-esteem and self-confidence. By learning how the model works and how to apply it you can increase your self-awareness.


The Temple Index of Functional Fluency (TIFF©) is a personal development tool based on the Functional Fluency model. It was created by Susannah Temple in 2002. TIFF© Providers have completed training and become licensed to use TIFF© as a tool in their professional practice.

Via a TIFF© Functionality Scan you learn how the Functional Fluency model works and how to apply it. This can enable you to increase your self-awareness and understanding, build effective relationships and enhance your (inter)personal effectiveness.

By filling in an online questionnaire (20-30 minutes) you get insight in how you are putting your energy to use and how effective you are at this moment. It is like a snapshot wherein you get to know your own behavioural patterns and preferences. This can help you to appreciate and acknowledge your own behaviour.

Your TIFF© profile is then discussed in an elaborate one-on-one feedback session of 1-2 hours. Herein we thoroughly explore your TIFF© profile and co-create a first list of actions fitting your personal and/or organizational goals. A TIFF© Functionality Scan & Feedback session can be a great start of a coaching trajectory.

Next to a personal TIFF© Functionality Scan there is also the possibility of doing a group/team scan. For this the additional option that makes it is possible to plot several TIFF© profiles into one group/team overview can be used. In this case for the feedback sessions a combination can be made between individual one-on-one sessions, a plenary group feedback session and/or multiple group sessions.

TIFF© Functionality Scans can be done for individuals, groups, organizations and teams in Dutch, English and Papiamentu. Interested? Reserve your TIFF© Functionality Scan & Feedback session here.