Welcome to JCK Coaching & Consultancy, JCK for short. The place for anyone who wants to become more effective and wants to reach their personal and/or organizational goals and objectives. Discover your personal keys to success and fulfillment and make the connection @JustConnecttheKeys

As a coach and consultant JCK's focus is on empowering individuals, groups, organizations, and teams to make the connection. Not only with themselves but also with others, and their (multicultural) surroundings. Because making the connection is KEY.

In this context multicultural refers to differences between countries but also the variety of cultures that can exist within organizations. The surroundings we move around in as human beings are dynamic, influenced by predominant interests, ideas, needs, values, convictions, and customs originating from culture, upbringing and background.

At times this can make achieving your personal and/or organizational goals and objectives complicated and challenging. JCK can help you find your way and move around easier in challenging situations and circumstances.

For this we gain insight first by jointly exploring the situation and circumstances. Finding out what we need.

Then we identify your personal keys to success and fulfillment. Finding out what we have.

After which we work on how to enable and activate them. Finding out what we can apply and how.

As mentioned before JCK Coaching & Consultancy works for individuals, groups, organizations, and teams. This specific three-step approach is applied both in coaching and consultancy assignments. Read more on coaching and consultancy.

Growing up in a multicultural setting taught JCK how to observe, take in and adapt fast and successfully to the rules of the game in other (new) environments, whilst at the same time reaching personal goals and objectives. Based on this specific experience JCK also developed an Expat Training Program. Read more about, Jessica, founder and owner of JCK here.



Your keys to personal success and fulfillment lie within. Discover them and make the connection and feel more balanced and happier!

Expat training program

Culture shock...or cultural confusion...there is always a solution. Develop an applicable and effective course of action for you, a group of friends, acquaintances or colleagues, your organization or team.


At times achieving your organizational goals and objectives can be complicated and challenging. Get insight in the situation, develop an understanding of the circumstances and become more effective!


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