Becoming an expat again at the age of 35, after having been one as a kid, in a totally different context as an ‘army wife’ was a challenge. Growing up as a Third Culture Kid (TCK) because of my father’s work in developing countries had been fun. Something I look back on with great satisfaction and gratitude.

Getting to deal with the label of ‘being the partner of’, an operational posting with a more than irregular schedule and the lack of a comfortable work structure to step into posed new and unknown challenges. At times I felt really alone, embarrassed, frustrated and unprepared for all the things I had to face.

This motivated me to develop the Expat Training Program for people that might be having a similar experience. Getting ready for expatriation, living the expat life, and getting ready for going back home, repatriation, all has their own specific challenges.

The program is aligned with the four phases of the culture shock curve that you go through as an expat and wherein you encounter these specific challenges. Namely the honeymoon, the rejection phase with culture shock as ultimate low point, the adjustment phase and finally adjustment and (re)integration.

Your keys to personal success and fulfillment in your expat life lie within. Finding the way to access them is not always easy. That is why I have defined general keys to success and fulfilment for each phase based on my own experience and additional research via literature and multiple interviews with expats. Read more about me, Jessica, founder and owner of JCK here.

These general keys can be enabled and activated in combination with your own personal keys to success. Once you make the connection from your awareness you will feel more balanced and happier. You will start experiencing a feeling of success and fulfilment in your expat life.

The JCK motto for the Expat Training Program is; “Culture shock...or cultural confusion...there is always a solution”, as it aims to empower individuals, groups, organizations, and teams in their expat life. Modules, appropriate interventions, and specific workshops are in development, from honeymoon to (re)integration. Read more about JCK’s available workshops here. An Expat Emigration and Expat Repatriation workshop takes place yearly.

The Expat Program can assist in developing an applicable and effective course of action for you, a group of friends, acquaintances or colleagues, your organization or team. Tailor-made modules, interventions and workshops are available. Interested? Plan your ‘Just Connect the Keys’ 30-minute complimentary session now.

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