If you want to know what kind of approach JCK has towards coaching please read Jessica’s, founder and owner of JCK, personal story here. JCK identifies as an Intercultural Behaviour Coach and makes use of the Functional Fluency model and NLP.

The surroundings we move around in as human beings are dynamic, influenced by predominant interests, ideas, needs, values, convictions, and customs originating from culture, upbringing and background. In this context culture can refer to aspects related to people coming from different countries but also the variety of cultures that can exist within organizations.

At times, these dynamics can make achieving your personal and/or organizational goals and objectives complicated and challenging. JCK believes anyone can (re)discover their personally keys to success and fulfillment and make the connection #justconnectthekeys.

The keys to personal success and fulfillment lie within. Finding the way to access them is not always easy. Once you make the connection from your awareness you will feel more balanced and happier. To be able to do so for coaching trajectories JCK we will follows this specific three-step approach:

We gain insight first by jointly exploring the situation and circumstances. Finding out what we need.

Then we identify your personal keys to success and fulfillment. Finding out what we have.

After which we work on how to enable and activate them. Finding out what we can apply and how.

Coaching can be provided in Dutch, Spanish, English and Papiamentu.

JCK works with the Functional Fluency model and the TIFF© personal development tool. Which help you get insight into your preferred patterns of behavior. Becoming more aware and understanding of these makes it easier to move around in challenging situations. Jessica is a licensed TIFF© provider. Read more about Functional Fluency and the TIFF© personal development tool here.

JCK combines this with an array of tools and methods derived from Jessica’s over 10 years of experience as a consultant in diverse multicultural surroundings. Some examples: stakeholder analysis, the mutual gains approach, brown paper process mapping, the time management matrix, the wheel of life and many more.

JCK is also a certified all-round NLP Master Coach and soon to be Hypnosis Practitioner. Read more about NLP here.

JCK provides personal coaching and team coaching in Dutch, Spanish, English and Papiamentu. Interested? Plan your ‘Just Connect the Keys’ 30-minute complimentary session now.